Shefa Marketing started as a family-owned business before growing to become one of the Top Yelp Partner agencies, but we offer much more. Shefa Marketing is a full-service online marketing and promotion company. We have been doing B2B online marketing and promotion for companies in the US and Canada.

Our other areas of expertise include SEO (google), SEO-GMB (google my business - maps promotion), SMO (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more), PPC, selling leads/meetings with clients, building websites, and more. Simply put, we can do everything for any business.

Shefa Marketing - online marketing and promotion


Shefa Marketing takes pride in its uniquely strong marketing. We are a team of unique minds working in harmony to help our clients grow. Each team member is ready to confront the constantly changing marketing world to ensure our clients stand out from their competition. we understand that each member brings something different to the table. Our incessant drive to succeed and leave each client satisfied is what makes us one. After all, we are humans with a hunger to help our clients.

Shefa Marketing takes pride in helping clients in various industries to improve online presence and widen the reach through their online sites and social media pages. 

Here are some of our clients

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Our Values

We have managed to create a culture of innovation over the years. We take on every project with one thing in mind, your success. Even though we are a team, our values and dedication to exceptional marketing experiences allow us to serve you better.

Our Human Connection

We believe that deep human connection is the secret to the success of each project. The connections we establish with our clients allows us to understand them and create a long-lasting working relationship.

Our Innovation

We live in a fast-paced world. Having been in the industry for a long time, we believe that change brings opportunities. That is why we strive to leverage every opportunity that comes our way with energy and optimism.

The owners of Shefa Marketing, Ailon Katalan and Tomer Maman. Both of them had run their own service business before they build this business from the ground up, giving unique insight to the needs of the clients and helping to create real life marketing targets and expectation.

We are the leading yelp partner agency in the US and Canada. We understand that each client we work with is different from the next. That is why we work side by side with our clients to help them grow their business and increase sales. Our previous work speaks for us. Check our success stories to see what we can do for your business.

What our clients say


I got them to do the design for my website. They did a great job at it and even provided with multiple draft designs. All of them was very nice and I chose the one I liked the most. I was so happy with their design that I thought of giving them a chance at my website promotion. Which they did an awesome job at. I was seeing huge amount of new people just after a few days of hiring them. I am really glad that I went with them.

Harry Cortez

I Strongly Recommended Everyone to Contact Shefa Marketing For Any Type of Work Related to Digital Marketing. These guys are very professional and experienced! A++

Terry Lee

I hired them for my new website on which they did the designing and currently still doing SEO. The design looks very nice and thanks to their SEO I am also getting a nice stable stream traffic which is increasing day by day. I recommend their services if you are need of them.

Jacob Richards

My website was looking very bad with low amount of people noticing it and my business getting down. Then I hired Shefa Marketing to do optimize the website and help me rise up a little. I went in without expectation and after around 3 weeks I noticed how much different my website statistics were looking. And it's been getting better with time. Thank you Shefa Marketing for saving my website and business.

Stanley Owens

They got my business listing reach a lot of people with good quality optimization. I have seen high traffic increase in the last 2 months because of them. As a new starting business the amount of traffic I'm getting now is my first source of customers. So I'm very happy with increasing numbers of user.

Laurence Shelton

Great all around company knows exactly what they are doing and built a great relationship with me from the start all but this company deserves it Shefa Marketing is the best SEO company by far to do work with and will meet the expectations!

Charles Jenkins

They are good at increasing website traffic and listing ranks. I've had some experience with different SEO companies and it was not a pleasant experience. Unlike Shefa Marketing who provided me with excellent service with website ranking going up and the traffic skyrocketing. I've had my business for quite a while and it bloomed only after hiring them. I would highly recommend them for your SEO needs.

Julius Santos

I've been with Shefa Marketing for three months and I can't be any happier. John came through with everything he said and more. I wouldn't go to any other SEO company I'm happy with the results. I want to thank Shefa Marketing for helping my business succeed to another level.

Wade Moss

Ailon had a very comprehensive intake form and we were more than pleased with the options they presented us. We will for sure be using them for our next business ventures and recommending to any of our colleagues who need design services. Thank you guys!

Lonnie Barnes

I worked with Ailon to build and design company's website. Everyone I worked with was extremely professional and responsive. They listened to our needs, offered guidance and delivered an amazing website we are proud of. Their team of highly skilled professionals went above and beyond their call of duty and the results exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them to anyone looking for website redesign. Ailon to Shy and his team for their wonderful service and beautifully designed website!

Juanita Burke

Shy helped me so much with my business. I can't say enough good things about Shy. He's likely the best designer/optimizer there is. And he's very personable so it doesn't seem like you are talking to a computer nerd. He doesn't rest until his job is done to perfection.

Ellen White

Ailon taught a digital marketing course that I just completed. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, approachable and he is really involved in the success of his students. I felt like I could go to him with any questions and get very helpful guidance from him. Also, he won't hesitate to connect you to the people in his network for help. If you are looking to learn and grow, take a convo with him.

Rafael Myers

This is indeed as good as it gets! Ailon has been an absolute pleasure to work with, the team is completely committed to both product excellence and client satisfaction. They are a creative and extremely qualified group of professionals, their listening and artistic skills are impeccable. Shy and the entire Ailon’s team have created a beautiful website for my company, easy to navigate and user friendly. The end result was above and beyond our expectations. Shy is very passionate about what he and his company do! Ailon posses both leadership skills, and customer service skills, he takes much pride in his work.

Guillermo Banks

I would highly recommend working with Ailon. They helped me tremendously with their teams creativity and gave me access to your their platform. I am very, very pleased with my website and hope to have future dealings with them again.

Robert Barber

Shy is great! He is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. He helped our company get the knowledge we needed to successfully run a digital marketing campaign. And believe me, we needed A LOT of knowledge. He taught us everything from SEO management to Google Ad words in just a small amount of time. I would recommend him to anyone. Shy has laser sharp focus and heaps of energy. He truly knows exactly what will and will not work in the realm of online marketing. Look no further if you want a true expert.

Chad Townsend

Excellent service, professional approach! They designed my new business website. I want to say huge thank you to the team for their patience and great work that they have done for my website. I would highly recommend them and looking forward to work with this company for my SEO plan.

Arnold Hampton

Shy is wonderful. He is patient, and you can tell he is super passionate about what he does and helping others get results. I am a photographer who needed assistance in understanding and executing better SEO concepts and systems. Everything he taught me was invaluable and I appreciate the knowledge I gained from him. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to build their web presence and learn the skills and strategies to make your brand further known on the web!

Donnie Wilson

I would highly recommend the guys at ClickFlame as they did exactly what I asked them to do in a short space of time. I needed a site that was easy to navigate that looked professional to suit my company needs. They provided me with the exact thing i was expecting can't appreciate them enough. Thanks once again.

Vincent Bowen

Amazing service, fastest response I’ve ever received. They responded to my mail right away, which is why I picked these guys in the first place! The thing is this is a shady industry with companies claiming they can do this that and the other, I’ve been burnt in the past. I don’t know much about computers and how google works etc but fortunately these guys do and they do it well. We’ve more than quadrupled our enquirers per week which has enabled us to raise our prices considerably in a niche market and finally start to thrive. Worth the money!!

Penny Roberts

I have used many website companies and they have provided me with unparalleled excellent service. The website they created for my business was stunning and fully functional. It was created quicker than I would have expected and I was always updated on the process of its creation. My opinion was valued during this process and any enquiries or alterations I contacted the company with were answered in a matter of minutes and any issues were resolved at lightning speed. I would definitely recommend this company to anybody looking for a fast, friendly and professional service.

Julius Franklin

Fantastic, comprehensive presentation about the latest in digital marketing. Ailon is super personable and enthusiastic, offering individual help, and breaking down both elementary and complex marketing strategies. Highly recommended.

Phil Fitzgerald

Ailon is very knowledgeable at SEO and is an expert at digital marketing. He responded quickly to all the questions I had and was very reliable which is something that is really important to me. The packages from them are very affordable. I own a small business with a limited marketing budget and I've done a lot of research to find the right company. Ailon 818 Seo's pricing is some of the lowest cost in town and they offer great services. Thank you, guys!

Terrence Hill

I've had the pleasure to work with Shy from Ailon 818 Seo for my company's new website. he was prepared, proactive, and thorough during the entire initial process. Although I could not proceed with the project due to budget constraints from my end, Shy went out of his way to work close to our budget. I was very impressed with Ailon 818 Seo and Shy's kind and helpful demeanor. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build a new website! Thank you, Shy and Ailon’s Guys!

Cecelia Payne

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